Suver to address High Desert Dems

The Democratic Club of the High Desert will meet Saturday, Sept. 15, at 11:30 a.m. in the meeting room of China Lake Buffet.

Jim Suver, CEO of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, will be the guest speaker. RRH’s expansion has been significant under Mr. Suver’s leadership,” said Matthew Alexander.

“Since he took over in 2009, the hospital has acquired over $100 million in assets. Perhaps most importantly to our rural population, the number of full-time active physicians has risen from 19 to 35.

“One of the changing dynamics in modern health care is the evolving role that hospitals and clinics play in creating community wellness. RRH is no longer accountable for only the quality of care delivered inside the hospital walls. The institution is also concerned with the lifestyle trends in the populations it serves.”

According to Jim Suver, “now we are accountable for keeping people well — which means we will thrive based on our ability to keep people out of the hospital.”

The public is invited to attend. There is no fee, but members and guests are responsible for purchasing their own food and drinks.

Story First Published: 2018-09-14