To the Editor: Concerns remain about casino

Citizens got another obligatory listen from the Council on Aug. 15 about the casino municipal service agreement amendments. But listening is not hearing, as evidenced by the actions of Mayor Peggy Breeden, and Councilmen Eddie Thomas and Mike Mower.

This amendment was designed to provide a weak pacifying change for those of us rightly concerned about the marijuana retailing possibilities, as evidenced by the aggressive entry into the marijuana business at the Timbisha’s Death Valley Junction facility.

The language of the proposed amendments was analyzed in detail by one of our brightest citizens and provided to the council. The cautions in this analysis included having the amendments vetted through the City-Tribal Committee (as denoted in the MSA as the first body to hear such matters). This was not done, but was brought straight to council by Mayor Breeden however. The question would be why the proper process was circumvented. The answer is, too many problems would have been brought to light and the changes would not have been made soon enough to try and make a good show when it comes time in October to consider letting the casino developer’s land sale option with the city expire, without extension.

You see, the casino is not a done deal. There is a soon-to-expire option to buy agreement on the city business park property that ends Oct. 28. Without this land, it is safe to say there will be no casino. They have no other good place to go, despite all the lies put forth about going to the county (there is no MSA with the County and no preliminary talks have ever taken place with them), to BLM land (what a laugh, the BLM is in the business of taking land, not giving it away) or to San Bernardino County (same story as with Kern).

What remains at present for concerned citizens to do is to come to council meetings and say “no land sale to the Timbisha.” You have this opportunity on Sept. 19, Oct. 3 and Oct. 17. Don’t wait, nothing prevents this being brought up next week. If you want to be heard as opposing this, you better make it soon. Doing nothing is silent consent, don’t stay home and passively watch this debacle happen to our city.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2018-09-14