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Keeping it all  on trackBy CLINT FREEMAN, Coldwell Banker Best Realty

Don’t let anyone tell you that high producing realtors have it all easy. Getting the home photos shot, the description written, and the sign pounded in are just the beginning steps on the rails of a successful sale. After that golden offer is negotiated, accepted, and safely in escrow it might be heard in some circles, “What exactly is my realtor up to now?” In reality, this is where an agent morphs into a transaction engineer to keep the train of escrow moving on track and on course in a timely manner. Here’s a complete list of what a top realtor does to make a successful sale.

• Buyer Escrow Day 1 – 3

• Ensure contracts are fully executed with counter offers and addendums.

• Submit prequalification letter or verification of funds within 3 days from the date of acceptance, if necessary.

• Provide Buyer with Estimated Closing Costs Sheet, estimating expenses and calculating the cost of the transaction.

• Send Buyer information to escrow company.

• Send executed contracts to Buyers lender. Assure Closing Estimate has been sent to Buyer.

• Make sure Buyer submits earnest money deposit within 3 days from the date of acceptance.

• Order Buyer inspections such as whole house, sewer, fireplace/chimney, etc.

• Send Buyer receipt of Home Warranty order information, if applicable.

• Ensure all Seller disclosures are fully executed and review with Buyer for approval and signature.

• Buyer Escrow Day 4 – 14 (Weeks 1-2)

• Complete Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure form and get Buyers approval and signature.

• Check status and completion of inspection reports; Discuss with Buyer and coordinate remedies, if necessary

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To date there are 106 homes on the market ranging from $39,000 to $574,900.

Past three months’ price per square foot average of sold single-family homes: College Heights $160; NW $137; NE $114; SE $116; SW $116; RC Heights $126.


California median home price: $591,460; Lowest median home price: Lassen, $171,000; Ridgecrest $229,900; Highest median home price by region: San Mateo $1,500,000 (Source C.A.R)

Story First Published: 2018-09-14