Bluejackets honored by Navy league council

Bluejackets honored by Navy league councilThe Indian Wells Valley Council of the Navy League honors Bluejackets of the year. Sailors and Marines selected as China Lake’s best will be recognized at a dinner on Saturday, March 23, at the Kerr McGee Center. Sponsors and honorees pictured from left are (front) Tom Rainey of SAIC, John Paul of NDTI, CM2 Stansbury of NCG Det One, ET3 Petersen of NAWS, LS1 Smith of FISC, SSgt Cartagena of Marine Air Detachment, AC1 Garza of NAWS, LN2 Johnson of RLSO, Sheryl Varga of IWV Council, Sam Brown of Ridgecrest Elks, (back) Ray Hoffmann of Raytheon, Pat Blubaugh of DCS Corporation, Shawn Pearcy of SA-Tech and American Legion Riders, Bluejacket Chair Dan Thomas, SSgt Wheeler of VX-31, Denise Wiseof IWV Council, AM2 Malievsky of VX-9 and Council President Mark Storch. Other major donors include Synectic Solutions, Inc., Dee DiPol, Shel Simonovich, Stephan Varga, Michelle Blubaugh and Deborah Storch. — U.S. Navy photo

Story First Published: 2019-03-15