CLA joins state defense alliance

CLA joins state defense allianceChina Lake Alliance is one of six founding members of the California Defense Communities Alliance, which held a charter-signing ceremony this week in the governor’s conference room in Sacramento.

“This represents the culmination of a multi-year effort to develop a statewide alliance of community groups supporting their defense installations and communities on common issues,” said David Janiec, CLA executive director.

“We have long needed a coordinated and effective voice into both the legislative and executive branches of our state and federal governments.

“China Lake Alliance is proud to be a founding member.”

According to a media release by CDCA, the statewide alliance includes more than a dozen nonprofit organizations that support the Department of Defense presence in California, and advocate on behalf of active-duty military, veterans and their communities.

In addition to defense-related groups, the alliance includes the association of economic development agencies and chambers of commerce.

According to Rocky Chavez, a former state assemblyman and current chair of the Governor’s Military Council, the CDCA creates a focal point for the efforts aimed at protecting and growing California’s military infrastructure.

“Keeping California as the best military state is important to the California economy and to our nation’s defense,” said Chavez.

Story First Published: 2019-03-22