Tim Parker clarifies water comments

Tim Parker clarifies water commentsBy BRIAN COSNER

News Review Staff Writer

In our March 22 article “Parker gives groundwater presentation,” the News Review misquoted some of hydrogeological consultant Tim Parker’s comments regarding a hydrogeological conceptual model for the Indian Wells Valley.

During his discussion of under-investigated “data gaps” pertaining to our groundwater basin, the News Review quoted Parker as saying there could be a “good amount” of water coming in from the Sierra Nevada fault.

“What I actually said verbatim was: ‘What we don’t have a real good handle on is how much water is coming in from the Sierra Nevada, and how much is coming in from mountain block recharge – there could be a fair amount of that. Especially with the Sierra Nevada Frontal Fault where you’ve got quite a bit of material with big cracks and springs,’” clarified Parker in response to the article.

As the IWV Groundwater Authority board has heard more regarding the costs and availability of importing water, members have stressed the importance of exhausting all available options for an augmented water supply.

Members of the public have often suggested drilling monitoring wells in less-explored regions of the basin, namely the “El Paso” region to the southwest of Ridgecrest.

“We need to look at all opportunities,” said Kern County 1st District Supervisor Mick Gleason in a previous interview. “I know there are opportunities out there. We need to start grinding our way through it and enter these discoveries with eyes wide open.”

Joshua Nugent, representing Mojave Pistachios, recently said the company was willing to prepay its pumping fees in order to sponsor additional groundwater modeling runs – an exercise headed by Water Resource Manager Steve Johnson of Stetson Engineering to determine the effects of various pumping scenarios on our basin.

“We trust science, so we think the more model runs we can get, the better the results will be,” said Nugent. “We’re ready and available and willing to help you guys.”

The IWVGA held its Technical and Policy Advisory meetings earlier this week, and the Authority board meets for its regular meeting on Thursday, May 16, at City Hall. Visit iwvga.org for more information.

Pictured: Joshua Nugent of Mojave Pistachios offers up advanced funding to pay for additional groundwater model runs — Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2019-05-03