To the Editor: Casino deal ‘alive and well’

The casino is alive and well, according to the U.S. Department of Interior. While I appreciate Mr. Neel’s blind loyalty to his hidden motive(s), his recent letter to the editor is void of some comprehensive facts. The Department of the Interior, in a decision that superseded the letter mentioned by Mr. Neel, retroactively concluded that Congress mandated the trust acquisition of the Ridgecrest site pursuant to Section 5(d) or the Homeland Act. The department further stated that pursuant to Section 7 of the Homeland Act, the Ridgecrest site is considered the tribe’s initial reservation and ia eligible for gaming and economic development.

With regard to his personal bias regarding the safety of our illustrious Navy, he failed to mention that due to the lack of funding for the Police Department the Ridgecrest community is facing an uncomfortable level of crime. With the increase in funding from the entertainment/casino project and the funds recaptured from residents of Ridgecrest who currently spend their recreation money in nearby cities, Ridgecrest can recruit and retain more police and avoid the additional taxes and fees in the current budget.

Nigel White

Story First Published: 2019-06-28