Council approves Hayman appointment

Council approves Hayman appointmentBy BRIAN COSNER

News Review Staff Writer

The Ridgecrest City Council voted last week to approve Planning Commissioner appointee Vanessa Hayman. She will be filling a vacancy on the board after Derrick Mackey exited earlier this year.

The appointment was made by Councilmember Scott Hayman during last Wednesday’s council meeting.

“I know this question is going to come up, so I’m going to ask it,” said Mayor Peggy Breeden during council discussion. “She has the same last name as you do – could you explain?”’

Hayman said that she is his daughter-in-law who works for him part-time at his chiropractic office.

“She’s worked with the public for years in my office and does well with working with people in general,” said Hayman.

“She keeps her finger on the pulse on what’s going on in the city. She’s one of these people where if I have a question, if I want to know what’s going on, I can ask Vanessa. She stays on top of things.”

He said Vanessa is an ethical person who would bring a “good common-sense” point of view to the board.

“Although her expertise may not be in building particularly, I don’t know if that’s always a necessary trait to have when we’re looking at someone for this commission. I think having people from a wide variety of backgrounds is a good thing.”

Pictured: Councilmember Scott Hayman during last week's Ridgecrest City Council meeting — Photo by Laura Austin

Story First Published: 2019-07-26