To the Editor: ‘A gem in our midst’

I have a new favorite community hangout in Ridgecrest — and it’s the Historic USO Building!

Yes, you can rent the place for a nominal fee for a private or organizational event, but lots more magic times happen two or three times every ordinary week!

Grab a cushion, probably get a hug from somebody, buy a hot dog meal, beverage or a snack if desired, and settle in for a movie on the traditional Wednesday nights, but now also every other Friday night for Concerts on Film (trading off with Open Mic Night).

There’s also the Veterans’ Breakfast one Thursday morning a month, along with a weekly Veterans’ Support Group.

Did you know the coffee’s always on and once these hard-working volunteers who make this building their second home (their spouses may say it’s their FIRST home) get to know you, you’ll probably get a handshake and a “Welcome!” thrown in.

Would you think there’s a charge for all this fun and joy? Nope. Well, a $2 “please” sometimes, a donation other times. Try it. The Historic USO and the people who run it might just become your happy place too!

Oh, and need a quick sweet gift for someone (OK-you)? It’s the Ridgecrest stop for everything See’s Candy.

Vicki Siegel

Story First Published: 2019-09-20