To the Editor: Truth is the needed answer

The beginning of my life and all human life presents a “basic question mark.” Before I was born, all was dark! When I was born, all was light and the world was all around me! The “basic question mark” is where did this world come from? This is the “question mark” that has puzzled mankind from the beginning of humanity.

The answer to this basic question from the earliest ages has been “I do not know”! As civilization progressed, “I do not know” continued to be the only “answer.” There was “no other answer”! The “guesses” focused around “some powerful intelligence” as the source that “created” the world. Through the ages this “powerful intelligence” was given the “name” of “God or gods.” These “gods” had a “major influence” in all the cultures throughout history.

Reason and logic tells us that either the world was created or it was not created! These are the only “two basic answers” to this fundamental “question mark.” The first answer is that there is a “God” and He “created” the world with its “processes.” The second answer is that the world has “always existed” and randomly evolved by itself needing only “material and energy.” “Randomly” is required since there is no “intelligence or God” to guide “things.” The first answer has been believed since the beginning of mankind! The second answer has been believed by science for less than 200 years.

Which answer is the truth? The answer to this has caused life-changing effects on mankind and how he lives!

The best definition of truth is that “truth is what is!” Truth is not what was, or what will be, or even what I want it to be! Truth is what is! The first basic requirement for “truth” is that it does not change with time. The second requirement is that there is no “evidence” that shows that the proposed “truth” is false!

The first answer to the “question mark” about the world’s existence meets both of these requirements for truth.

The second answer proposed by science in the 19th century does not meet either of these requirements for truth! The “Big Bang Theory” from science has shown that there was a “beginning” to our world about 14 billion years ago. And the field of biology has shown “written information” (DNA) in each cell that is required for “reproducing the cell.” This “information” needs to be added to “material and energy” for the world to evolve!

The proposed “truth” of the answer from science is wrong! It has been proved by scientific data to be false!

Therefore, the only answer continues to be “I do not know!” But I do believe that a God created the world. This first answer has always met the requirements for truth. There has never been another answer! This answer has always had a life-directing effect on mankind throughout the ages.

Please think for a few minutes about what our present world would be like if our “cultures” had not been “interrupted” by this “wrong answer” from science! God would continue to be “believed” as the only “source of our world”! There is no other answer!

Anyway, for my part, I acknowledge, I ask, and I follow what my God wants from me!

David Wirtz

Story First Published: 2019-10-18