To the Editor: Problems with B737Max8

Two very serious crashes of the B737Max8 occurred a few months ago, and 346 people were killed. The problem has been ascribed to a new “anti-stall” system that was totally new to this particular aircraft version. Since then several reports have cited some very serious design flaws and lack of proper evaluation of this new design.

The aircraft was apparently certified for airline use with very little test and evaluation (perhaps none).

I am writing this letter to complain about the lack of attention that has been given to this event – both in the news media and government agencies.

The main news has been the desire to find and fix all of the problems, receive certification and get the airplanes back in service (and get orders for more of this version).

Yes, there was one report of the Justice Department requesting data from the manufacturer as to the original design plans and evaluations. There have also been reports of payouts of $100-plus million for wrongful death claims to some of the victims’ relatives, etc.

I think that this event has serious “Right To Life” issues, since 346 lives were lost. In many cases the victims’ remains were unidentifiable and/or obliterated. These lives were just as important as any others.

But the message that we hear is that it was “just an unfortunate event” and nobody’s fault. Economic success and progress is more important, and 346 lives is a small price to pay for economic prosperity.

It appears to be more cost effective to put out faulty products, pay out the wrongful death claims and get on to more economic success – people’s lives do not matter. No one seems to really care.

It is true that no aircraft design can be totally safe, but it certainly could have been much better in this B737Max8 case. There was very gross negligence here on the part of both the manufacturer and the FAA.

Again, my biggest complaint is the lack of attention given to this event by the news media and government agencies. (There have been a few articles but they are in the background and did not get much attention.)

Churchpeople and Right to Life people (of whom I am a member) should all pay more attention to this event as a very serious abuse and waste of precious human lives. It is just as important as any other Right-To-Life issue.

It should not go by with such little attention as it has.

Bill Walters

Story First Published: 2019-10-18