Not a baaaaaaaaaaad year for grazing

Not a baaaaaaaaaaad year for grazingSheep graze in the southwest Rademachers this week, enjoying the second-spring foliage yielded by our abundant rain this season. Blair Street, rangeland management specialist for the Ridgecrest field office of the BLM, noted that grazing permits are issued on local public lands from March 1 through June 1, and the flock was authorized to be in that area. “Basically our job is to make sure those ranges are ready for the animals to go out and graze, but also make sure permittees are maintaining a healthy level of forage,” said Street. “I go out and make sure they are not eating too much so that we can continue opportunity in future years.” In addition, local geologist Adam Bingham noted that “the desert loves sheep droppings, and sheep are not as destructive to the vegetation as cattle.” — Photo by Ken Sanger

Story First Published: 2020-04-24