To the Editor: ‘End the unelected GA’

Tired of being told what to do and when you might be able to do it? How does it feel to have government take almost complete control of your life? Perhaps you should think about the fact that there is one thing your local power players are taking control of in Ridgecrest that is more valuable than your job or leisure activities.

That thing is water. An unelected “board” that has taken power unto itself and is readying to tax you lots and lots for the right to use that second most essential element for life. In addition, this huge cost for getting water will also inevitably come with rules on how much you can use and how you can use it.

The disgusting thing is, this “board” thinks it has the right to do these things, and answers to no one here. Not one of them was elected to do this to us, we cannot vote them out. The first indication of resistance to this tyranny two weeks ago by Mojave Pistachios clearly showed that this “board” bristles and tries to come down hard on anyone who isn’t compliant. Just listen to statements by Mick Gleason at the April 16 GA board meeting. This “board” thinks it rules us, and the results are not going to make for happy campers in the valley.

If you think this is no problem, what will you think when the bill that they are getting ready to put on us could easily end up costing you $1,500 a year, with no way to get out of paying and you will pay regardless if you use lots or almost no water. How about more rules and restrictions on how you use this expensive water?

This is what happens when tyrants who owe no accountability to the people rule — laws, edicts and taxes are put in place with no recourse for correction. This is exactly what we have now with this GA board. Power being exercised by a board of five people, one of whom represents less than 30 people in this valley, another that represents less than 500 people, who rule us with no means of removing them from power.

They have been told that it is time for them to step down and let us put an elected GA board in place, and they respond by acting like the request was never made. This is the characteristic of a tyrant.

It is time for the people in this valley to flood this board with demands to step down and institute an election so we can have elected persons on our local GA board. Email (secretary for the GA board) and tell them so, just note your email as being for the GA Board.

They will not listen without thousands of letters and emails being rained on them. So, if you want to end this water tyranny, send your letter in now.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-05-01