’Ryan Abbatoye’s quiet dedication to public service’

’Ryan Abbatoye’s quiet dedication to public service’Don McCauley is pictured with a wrap printed by the subject of last week’s top story, featuring “Ryan Abbatoye’s quiet dedication to public service in Ridgecrest.” McCauley wrote to the News Review this week, sharing photos and additional testimony of Abbatoye’s dedication to his craft, his customers and his community. “My wife Judy and I want your readers to know how helpful and persistent Ryan was providing high-quality wraps of my city service box petroglyph paintings.” McCauley decorated utility boxes around town with his original artwork. However, over the years the elements have compromised his designs. So he solicited Abbatoye’s help in printing new wraps to replace the original art. “To make a several-months-long story short, it wasn’t easy to match the wrap colors to the originals. Ryan read my facial expressions as we compared colors for the first few printed efforts. Ryan never asked, ‘Close enough?’ But Ryan was busy. So every week or so, I’d return to Ryan’s shop, and we’d research and experiment for a couple of hours. We both smiled when the job was right.” Read more about Abbatoye’s story at news-ridgecrest.com/news/story.pl?id=0000011332. — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2020-05-01