To the Editor: ‘Now it’s our turn’

To all you boys, men, or whatever you consider yourselves these days — Mother’s Day is coming. You all best do the right thing and visit, call or write that wonderful lady who gave up her life so you could have yours.

Just remember all the times/days you were too sick to get up outta bed and get something to eat. The times you had something wrong, like a broken bone or something, and needed to be taken to the hospital. The times you needed to borrow the car to take your favorite girl to the drive-in or wherever.

Remember all the times you had a really important baseball/football game and the wind was blowing 100 mph, mom was always there in the stands yelling for you and your team. Don’t forget that mom was the one who always stood by you through thick and thin, even if you were wrong.

You only have one mom, and as we get older so does mom, as this happens. It’s only right that we now take care of her.

So each and every one of you son’s out there contact your mom on mother’s day. You know it’s not outa the way, a problem, or that you just don’t have the time. Remember, Mom always had the time for you!! Now it’s our turn to always to have time for Mom. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Bammer Blackshaw

Story First Published: 2020-05-08