To the Editor: Concerned about loss of rights

A government becomes obsolete when it either believes it has the power or grants itself the power to take away the peoples’ inherent natural rights given to them by the creator.

Protecting those rights is the reason why our founders’ created our republic. Under our republic our representatives both state and federal were assigned a primary duty of safeguarding the rights for every individual citizen. Neither the federal, state, county or city governments have any authority to write any law or act that in any way that takes away or diminishes those rights. The founders’ understood once rights were taken away for any reason by the government they would not be returned.

Fear is the primary tool used historically by tyrants to take away the peoples’ rights, by convincing the people that government control is the only way they can be safe. The majority of time the foundation of fear was either exaggerated or created to incite the desired fear.

There is no such thing as Martial Law or partial Martial Law under California or U.S. Constitutions. Once Martial Law is declared there is no provision to undue the deed. If Martial Law is declared and accepted by the people there are no laws, because the act of Martial Law declares our constitutions null and void along with all of our laws which are created under it. The effect will be total dictatorial power by those who declared themselves king.

Facts regarding government authority to imprison all the people in their homes and limit their activities.

1. Executive Officers (Governors/Mayors) do not have the authority to write law, it is a legislative function. An Executive order has no weight in law and cannot be enforced on the public. Executive Orders only apply to government officers and internal government functions in compliance with the law.

2. I have been unable to find any law authorizing Public Health Officers to write any orders commanding the general public to be valid or binding. To reach any other conclusion the law has to be read far beyond its text and intent. The level of power being claimed today is not granted. Even if Health Officers were granted authority to quarantine citizens with COVID-19, which is not an identified communicable disease for quarantine in the code, while others are. Any Quarantine order issued by a Health Officer must be directed at, and served on a specific person(s) and provide for immediate due process, before it can considered a crime and prosecuted for failure to comply. Health Officers also have to direct law enforcement officers to enforce specific orders when they are not being complied with.

Benjamin Franklin said “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.” and “Lost Time is never found again.”

If our country is not opened up soon the death caused by economic loss and down turn will be FAR greater than any caused by COVID-19. See video of Bakersfield Doctors

Preserving our Freedom and Liberty is not free, or without possible personal cost. No one wants to see anyone die or suffer, but protecting our inherent rights for our children and grandchildren from government taking far out weight’s any possible short term cost. Given the lack of actual evidence used to take our rights away and the desire that it be used to restructure our lives in the future sets a dangerous precedence, which could be used again at anytime in the future if there is a flu outbreak, if they call it a plague.

CDC doctored the numbers on COVID-19 deaths by as much as 50 percent and delayed COVID-19 tests.

Ronald L. Porter

Story First Published: 2020-05-08