To the Editor: ‘I need a haircut’

An open letter to the governor of California.

I NEED A HAIRCUT. I am an 89-year-old white male and a retired electro-optical engineer. I did not get to be 89 years old by being stupid, so that means I know how to take care of myself as do a lot of other people in this community. I am not worried about dying from the virus, but rather pre-existing conditions which I cannot get treated due to restrictions of the stupid shutdown!

I also need a pedicure because years ago I became unable to cut my own toenails. I also have skin cancer which needs to be treated by a dermatologist. However, the caregivers I need are not seeing patients here in Ridgecrest as they usually do, because of some of the stupid restrictions.

I am also what they are referring to as a high-risk person because I have a pacemaker, COPD, allergies and a few other things. They can do all the vaccine stuff they want to, but it’s not going to help me because I have not had a flu shot since 1978 when the first swine flu came around. Every time I got a flu shot, I got the flu.

What czar of yours determines what is essential and what is not? The pedicure and the cancer treatment and some of the other treatments I need to me are essential.

You may recall Ridgecrest as having earthquakes last July. Oh, you came and had your photo ops and then left and now you’re turning around and giving these restrictions which are uncalled for and as far as I’m concerned unconstitutional!

I have been following the numbers for Kern County ever since the shutdown started. As of May 18, there are 26 deaths attributed to the virus out of 1546 confirmed cases. Simple math shows the deaths represent barely 1 percent of confirmed cases. The estimated population of Kern County is somewhere between 888,000 to 900,000. Using the lower population estimate shows that the number of deaths in Kern County represents 0.00000189 percent of the county’s population! So where is the urgency? Kern County never should have been shut down!

Additionally, we have not been able to have church services or organization meeting as usual. I somehow feel this is intentional so that the natives can’t get together and compare notes as to what the hell is happening!

So meanwhile perhaps you can send your valet down to give me a haircut as well as some others. I will see if I can borrow the chamber of commerce ribbon-cutting scissors. They are about five or six feet long so I guess that will help him maintain your damn socialist distancing!

David A. Matthews

P.S. I am concerned that the people and companies that provide the services I need may not be in existence anymore!

Story First Published: 2020-05-22