To the Editor: Regrets supporting Hayman

I apologize to the people of Ridgecrest, who I publicly made statements of support to on behalf of Scott Hayman’s campaign for City Council in 2018. At the time I was lead to believe that he would be a firm voice for the type of issues I and many of those who read my letters to the editor were in strong favor of.

Sadly, he failed us on the issues of the casino and now the highly important basin water issue. This apparent turning on issues he explicitly stated he either was against or would be a voice of reason for is regrettable and I likewise regret helping him get elected, although at the time the alternatives were poor. I fervently wish I had just been silent on the council position in that election.

I would heartily recommend that Mr. Hayman is now an excellent candidate for being recalled from the City Council for these two major abrogations of his plainly stated campaign promises and his duty to the public as one who should actually listen to us instead of following the entrenched powers’ lead. We need different “leadership” than this. The people of Ridgecrest deserve better.

So, I offer my sincerest regrets to all the people of Ridgecrest for being taken in by insincere campaign promises and possibly leading others toward making the same mistake. Inform yourself fully in the coming election and be careful to look past the promises and to the character of the person wanting to take this important duty in hand on your behalf.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-08-28