County urges more resident testing

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

County urges more resident testingKern County officials published a statement Wednesday urging more residents to test for coronavirus — an act which they say will both help slow the spread of the illness as well as improve our chances of advancing into a category allowing more relaxed restrictions and closures.

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“Coronavirus tests for active infections slows the spread of the disease by identifying infected individuals who can then be isolated as well as their close contacts,” said a county official. “This process disrupts the disease, slows the spread of the disease and preserves space in our acute care hospitals.”

However, the county’s top leaders have also expressed frustrations that, despite meeting the state’s original metrics that would allow Kern to reopen indoor operations at limited capacity, Gov. Gavin Newsom has penalized counties whose testing numbers are lower than state averages by artificially inflating those numbers.

“Our community has made great progress in slowing the spread of the disease and more testing will help us continue to disrupt the spread of the virus and reopen our economy,” said Matt Constantine, Director of Kern County Public Health Services Department.

Residents are urged to continue practicing healthy habits such as hand washing, physical distancing and wearing a face covering when in public.

There are nine free county or state testing sites spread throughout the county. To find locations and make an appointment, go online to or call 211.

Story First Published: 2020-10-02