To the Editor:Endorsements for city seats

The upcoming election for Ridgecrest Mayor and City Council will influence greatly the quality of your life, for good or bad. Consider carefully who best to select. For the good people of Ridgecrest, I offer my carefully considered opinion as to the best candidates.

The defining factor separating the candidates in both races is the issue of the casino, which still haunts us. The casino developer still manipulates behind the scenes keeping his chances open while still not being able to buy the land. He has been assisted by three members on City Council. We need to change that.

Stated bluntly, money over people’s lives is not what we want in our city. So pay attention to how candidates stand on this issue, as it may degrade life massively in Ridgecrest, in personal ways and as the huge economic sink hole it was proven to be. We need leaders who will not simply open the gates to this, along with leading capably in other areas.

There is one candidate for mayor who has held firm here, and has also served on council the most capably I have seen in 20 years. That is Lindsey Stephens. Along with standing firm on the casino issue, she has brought us a way to get our roads fixed for one third of the cost we were paying before. Isn’t that what almost everyone in town wants the most? Lindsey cares about Ridgecrest and will continue making our city better as mayor.

We also need council members of similar mind to accomplish much good in the next few years. Voting for either Steve Morgan or Lori Acton will be destructive to the best for Ridgecrest. I know them well, and they make poor choices for Council. Sorry to be blunt, but space is short in letters to editors.

Of the remaining candidates, Kyle Blades and Solomon Rajaratnam show the best promise. They demonstrate themselves to be the two best choices out of the remaining three council candidates.

I believe they will be reasonable, caring council members. Vote Stephens for mayor, and Blades and Rajaratnam for council.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-10-09