Sky viewing, star party is Saturday

Sky viewing, star party is Saturday“Come see the craters of the Moon – plus Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and much more in our Milky Way and beyond!”

The China Lake Astronomical Society is hosting a sky viewing and star party on Saturday, Oct. 24 at Maturango Museum. The event will be outdoors and Coronavirus protection measures – wearing masks and physical distancing – will be in place.

Several telescopes will be set up and linked to computer monitor displays for group viewing. Telescope eyepieces will not be used and participants are encouraged to also bring binoculars.

“You can also see things you couldn’t see with your eye in even the largest telescopes,” said a spokesperson. “You’ll see true colors that the eye can’t see at night. And we will try for hard-to-view targets such as Andromeda Galaxy, Pleiades, Triangulum Galaxy, North America Nebula and California Nebula.”

The event is open to those of all ages and abilities and begins at 6 p.m. Check the weather and dress warmly if necessary, and see for any last-minute postponements.

Pictured: Pleiades star cluster. — Photo courtesy of Ralph Paonessa

Story First Published: 2020-10-23