Love and the family is what Christmas is all about

Love and the family is what Christmas is all aboutBy Christina MacGregor

News Review Staff Writer

For Shannon Renee, Christmas is all about family and spending quality time together. Christmas is not always easy being a single mom, but she strives to spend quality time with her children.

“Christmastime is family time,” mused Renee. “We are doing our best to create memories together.”

In the past for Christmas, Shannon’s family has sang at convalescence centers, volunteered by handing out meals and toys to the homeless and those who need them, and also volunteering elsewhere around the community.

But this year, due to COVID and other reasons, Shannon’s planning on having a simpler Christmas with her family.

“This year will be smaller than normal. We will probably do some arts and crafts this year, as well as redecorate some rooms,” remarked Shannon. “We will also watch some Christmas movies and eat popcorn. We are planning on having more of a low-key Christmas.”

Renee’s family is not native to Ridgecrest, so her Christmas plans have varied over the years based on where she has lived. She was born, and grew up, in the Tucson area. She moved to Ridgecrest only a few years ago when her ex moved to Lancaster.

Renee commented that she figuratively threw a dart at a map to figure out where she wanted to live nearby. When she landed on Ridgecrest, she liked the fact that the town was built near a military base. Her grandfather was in the military, as well as some other family members, and so she liked the idea of living near the facility.

“I respect the military,” said Renee. “I like how they protect us and what they stand for.”

At the time Renee’s son Prince Delbert was in first grade. Now he is 12, and his younger siblings are 10, 8, and 7 (Princess Daphne, Lukyaa and twins Lukie and LaNee respectively).

Renee also has four older daughters who live outside the home- Asiaa, Shyanne, Shanyiaa, and Ashiante. She also has one grand baby that is 9 months old, with whom she is smitten.

“I didn’t know that I could love someone as much as I love my children, but that is how I feel about my grand baby,” declared Renee in a sweet tone.

Renee is blessed to have a large family to enjoy the holidays with, and she is appreciative of that fact. Service is a way that she feels they can give back to the community and those around them.

While Renee’s family likes to help out at Christmastime, it is not the only time that they do things in and for the community. They also try to look for opportunities year-round to help out those in town. Her family has marched in the 9/11 parade of 1,000 flags, as well as brought treats and snacks to teachers and staff at school. Those are only a few of the service opportunities that Renee has encouraged her children to do.

“I want my kids to be civically minded,” remarked Renee. “I want them to look around to find ways to help others.”

Currently Renee is a hairdresser. She works on blessing others around her with wonderful hairstyles and helping them with self confidence. She would also love to get a real estate license in the future if the cards line up.

“I love talking to people, and helping them find what they want and need. Being a real estate agent makes sense.”

Renee wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and hopes that we can all be more civically minded towards our neighbors. She also wants to remind everyone that love is what Christmas is all about. No matter the size of our families, that is a message that resonates with all.

Courtesy Photo: Shannon Renee with her twins Lukie and LaNee.

Story First Published: 2021-12-24