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2022 Election Endorsements

The News Review is endorsing Chris Ellis for the Ridgecrest City Council.   Ellis is Vice President and General Manager for Coso Geothermal where he is responsible for 80 employees consequently,  he will bring management skills to the dais.  He will also bring leadership skills.  He is responsible for the total Geothermal Operations.

Most importantly, Ellis has a broad knowledge and understanding of the on-going water supplies issues of this valley.  He has worked collaboratively with major entities of this area and seeking solutions regarding the water issues.  He sees ensuring an adaquate water supply for our future as the greatest challenge we face locally.  

We heartedly endorse Chris Ellis as he has a long proven record of positive, generous and productive investments in our community.

We also endorse John ‘Skip’ Gorman to serve on the City Council.  He has a long history of involvement in this community.  He has faithfully attended City Council  meetings for decades.  He has shown a genuine interest in the development of our community.  He sees it as great place to raise a family and wants to continue contributing to that.Gorman is a good listener and a good communicator.  He would serve us well as he is fair minded and has Ridgecrest’s best interest at heart.   

The News Review proudly endorses the three School Board incumbents for the Sierra Sand Unified School District Board.  They are Chad Houck, Tim Johnson and Kurt Rockwell.  These gentlemen helped the District through the most challenging times in the history of the District.  They helped us through the Pandemic era, which included school closures, distance learning, masks and all that was associated with the COVID-19 State mandates.  All three of these candidates bring dedication, experience and leadership skills to the Board.

The five member board has worked harmoniously through this stressful period of time.  They have shown great respect to the parents and dedicated themselves to the more than 5,000 students in the District.