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A Nature Walk in Maturango’s Garden

Maturango Museum Charlotte Goodson–

Children’s Hour at the Maturango Museum will celebrate the last of the spring season with special activities in the Gladys Merrick Garden.  On Flex Friday, May 12, 2023, from 10:30 to 11:30, the children are invited to explore the garden’s trails making fascinating discoveries along the way!  They will have “I Spy” booklets to aid in spotting the wildlife commonly seen in the garden. 

It may be surprising to find how much life is astir among the desert plants – butterflies and bees pollinating the flowers – hummingbirds, too, while also sipping the sweet nectar –cottontails nibbling growing leaves and stems – lizards, ground squirrels, and even ravens or roadrunners hunting the food they need.  In the habitat enclosure for protected desert tortoises, the children may observe them out of their burrow shelters and feeding on flowers. They will learn on which mornings the tortoises are fed and are welcome to come to watch.

The traditional end-of-the-year treats, sweets, and fruits are the Children’s Hour Story Docents’ way of thanking all the children and their families for their wonderful participation.  We will look forward to their return when these events resume in September.  The fall schedule will be posted on the Museum’s website,  We hope you’ll remember that there are always exciting things to learn during summer visits with the added pleasure of a cool environment.