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Laura Austin Photo Grand Manor Occasions is a beautiful mansion located on several parcels on the southwest side of town. The grounds have been converted to be the site for weddings, quinceañeras, concerts, pool parties, karaoke, and more.

A new magnificent venue now open in Ridgecrest

 By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer–There’s a new venue in town on South Mahan right near Ridgecrest Boulevard, Grand Manor Occasions. Yes, that beautiful mansion behind the gorgeous stone fence is now a special occasion place for weddings, quinceañeras, concerts, pool parties, karaoke, and whatever you may think of. Owners Brian and Cassi Bidelman are open to helping your visions become memorable realities.

   Cassi always wanted to open a bed and breakfast. When the property at 111 South Mahan went on the market, she and Brian knew they had found their spot. It’s not a bed and breakfast yet, but this hardworking duo is sure to make that dream come true.  Brian works on the base and Cassi runs the Manor, which they purchased in the spring of 2022.

   Immediately they acquired liability insurance and an LLC. There were lots of pool parties over the summer and by September, they had created a logo and everything was in order so they could throw open their doors for weddings and all special events. They have already been the site for numerous weddings and quinceañeras. Their first music event will be on February 11th when Kenneth Ramone’s Mad Epidemic celebrates the birthday of one of their band members. Open to the public, it starts at 7 pm.

   This couple thought of everything as they began to transform the grounds. They considered their neighbors. Cassi says, “ I made them a flyer with all of our information and cookies and I delivered it to the people all around.  I explained what we’re doing and promised them that we will stick to all the city’s rules and if they ever have a problem, I offered to put them up in a hotel.” They haven’t been taken up on that offer.  Brian says, “They called us one time to help move a car.”

   The Manor’s sites for special occasions are outside in a variety of scenic settings, primarily out back where Brian tells us, “The landscaping is all new. Over 300 plants and trees and bushes have been planted.”  “Our rustic wedding area is in the back,” explains Cassi. “That’s what I call it because we have our pretty choo choo train. Or people can have their ceremony in the grassy area with all the trees. They have two options. They can face the pool, that’s palm trees so it looks more tropical. They can flip it around and have the pine trees as their background if they want a more forest vibe. Or they can have it out in the front if they want the more glamorous location.”

   Bridal parties have special facilities:  the Grooms Room Express and the Bridal Suite. “We completely remodeled the train. It’s got a whole cigar lounge/pirate feel. to it. It’s super cool.” Cassi tells us. “That’s where the grooms hang out and have their pre-wedding parties. I put towels in there if they want to go jump in the pool and jacuzzi while they’re waiting. Right next to the fire pit, they can hang out to smoke their cigars.”

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For a more glamorous celebration, one can use the front of the Manor.

   “The pool is  28′ X 15′ and up to 8 feet deep,” says Brian. “It is a weird shape, but it’s got a water slide, four waterfalls, and a little grotto to get into the hot tub.”

   “We have the cottage that has a bridal suite,” says Cassi. “It has all the areas for the makeup and everything. We offer it for two nights. What all the brides have been doing is having slumber parties the night before with all their girls there. So I think that’s a fun thing.  In the morning their hairdresser and their makeup artist come.” The cottage is decorated a la shabby chic.


Laura Austin Photo
The band stage offers amenities for DJs or bands, outfitted with fans, outlets and lighting. The white vinyl dance floor is cushioned set in the middle of the AstroTurf.

The wedding ceremony and after party can all be held at the Grand Manor. Down from the grassy area is a bandstand. Brian is the musician and this area is his specialty. He describes it, “ It is a 20-foot wide by 14-foot band stage that either DJs could be on there or bands. They have tons of plugins. The drummer has their own fan. The walls are insulated. It’s got fans, lighting, everything you can think of so really, it’s a three-season room.” Brian describes the dance floor, “It’s a vinyl dance floor. It seems cushioned because it’s sitting on top of AstroTurf, so it is comfortable.” One of their packages offers “an LED dance floor that lights up. And then there’s the covered area with tables and chairs.”

   As previously mentioned, they thought of everything. They even have a room set aside as a photo booth room. Photo booths have come a long way since they were a tiny enclosed spaces that you used coins to operate. The Bidelmans want to offer the best of everything, so they have a photo booth that is a large mirror and touch controlled. “We bought one of the best ones on the market. And once we get that going, we’re going to offer that as part of the package.”

   If they don’t have the extra touches you desire, they have a list of preferred vendors.

   Brian and Cassi are on site during all of the events. One can be assured that they have everything under their wings. They work hard so that the hosts can relax and enjoy their special occasion.

  Brian is known in Ridgecrest as being a musician with Six Feet Over. He is currently in rehearsal with a new band, Project Blue Book. He explains, “Blue Book is secret documentation is that the government made that cover up  aliens.” However, his isn’t alien music. He prefers metal, “I’m trying to go on the heavier side but very melodic. I really just love hardcore metal but a lot of people just don’t really know how good and talented heavy metal really is. People have no clue. So I like to bring that to life. In this town, no one’s playing like that.” The grounds of the manor has a garage where bands practice.

   Cassi spent 13 years at Sierra Sands Unified School District. “I was a paraprofessional with the severely disabled kids for 13 years and then I had our last little baby and decided to stay at home.” She looks after their four children and runs the business.

   To learn more about Grand Manor Occasions you can find them on Facebook, their website, or you can email them at Facebook: online at: