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Aguabonita Flyfishers features Frank Burr on Ultralight Fly Fishing

Aguabonita Flyfishers Lloyd Smith–  The September 5th meeting of the Aguabonita Flyfishers will feature Frank Burr, Oasis Fly Fishing when he will share his knowledge and experiences with Ultralight Fly Fishing. The meeting commences at 7:30 PM at the United Methodist Church, 639 N Norma.  We will host our speaker for dinner at Ale’s Steakhouse, 1030 N Norma, at 5:30 PM.

This presentation will introduce you to Ultralight Fly Fishing.  In the first part of his talk, he will cover traditional Ultralight Fly Fishing, and in the second part, he will cover Ultralight Tenkara Fly Fishing.  Why and when to use each method, best equipment selections, different techniques used in each method, and under what conditions to enable you to become a more successful fly fisherman.

Fishing success is closely related to how good of a presentation you can achieve when offering your fly to the fish.  In many situations, especially in heavily fished waters where fish are under a lot of fishing pressure, a bad presentation will spook the fish, resulting in a slow fishing day for you.  I have had many days when I caught many more fish than my friends I was fishing with; perhaps that was from developed skill, perhaps just luck, but most of the time, I was fishing with lighter fishing gear.

With Ultralight gear, it’s easier to make a better presentation than with much heavier gear that most anglers fish with.  When I say heavier gear, I am talking about outfits that most anglers already consider light, such as a 5wt fly fishing outfit, which most anglers have as the first set that they purchased when getting started in fly fishing.  I have had many fishing days where even a 4wt or 5wt outfit is much more than you need to use and is more likely to spook fish.  Consider using a lighter outfit, perhaps a 3wt outfit, or if you’re like me, a 1wt or 2wt outfit.

Frank Burr learned Tenkara fishing in Japan in 1970, followed by fly fishing and fly tying the following year.  A native of Southern California, Frank fly fishes throughout the United States, always looking for the elusive Heritage Trout.  Frank has worked in the fly fishing industry for the past nine years for Orvis and now for Snowbee USA, assisting in designing Ultralight Fly Rods and other products in the Snowbee line.  Frank is also a fly fishing and Tenkara instructor and guide specializing in Golden Trout and other Heritage Trout species in California.