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Asking for transparency to citizens

Dear Mr. Strand and Council members,

Here is a written list of 10 questions I asked at last night’s council meeting. I would appreciate answers. You declare transparency and privacy are important to you all. Answering these questions should encourage the safeguards the city should establish to protect our privacy and promote openness to the citizens.

1. Who will have access to ANY Placer AI-provided research?

2. Will any individual be able to request a report without approval from the city manager?

3. Will any business or private organization be able to request a report?

4. Who will set surveillance criteria?

5. Will the general public have access to the system or be able to request a report?

6. Will any city staff be able to request a report without the city manager’s approval?

7. Will the public be notified when the city initiates a surveillance study?

8. Will individual businesses ever be studied without their knowledge?

9. Will the council be provided study info in a public meeting establishing a public record of all studies?

10. Will it be used for any political campaigns or other political reasons?


Thomas Wiknich