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Astronomers to meet at Maturango

CL Astronomical Society Roger Brower–


The next club meeting is on April 3 in the Maturango Museum at 7:30 PM.  You can also join us on zoom. Club President Ralph Paonessa will give the program this month on “The night skies of the southern hemisphere.”

Star parties: April 21 Brown road star party 8 PM

April 29 Quarter moon star party at the Maturango Museum at 8:30 PM.


Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in the evening western sky this month. However, Mercury will only be visible in the first two weeks. Bright Venus will be above Mercury, and dimmer Mars above both.

Saturn moves to the morning sky, where it can be seen in the east before sunrise.

Jupiter is in conjunction with the sun this month and will not be visible.

On April 20th a hybrid solar eclipse occurs on April 20th. A hybrid eclipse occurs when the moon just covers the sun, i.e.,, low totality time where at the start and end of the eclipse, the curvature of the earth puts the observer a little farther away from the moon, so an annular eclipse occurs. Unfortunately, this eclipse occurs over the Indian ocean.

The Lyrid meteor shower peaks on April 22. The radiant point is near Vega in the constellation Lyra. For more information, contact us at 760-446-0454