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Astronomy Club to meet Oct 2

China Lake Astronomical Society Roger Brower–

October EVENTS:

1. The next club meeting is on October 2nd in the Maturango Museum at 7:30 PM.

Star parties:

Brown Road star party on October 13th signs out at 7:00 PM and viewing at 7:30 PM.


1. Mercury is briefly in the morning sky, which can be seen very low in the east before sunrise on the first few days of the month.

2. Mars is too close to the sun to be seen this month.

3. Saturn appears in the southeast after sunset and can be seen moving across the southern sky until it sets in the southwest late at night.

4. Jupiter rises in the east by 8 PM on October 1st and is approaching opposition in November, so transits of its main moons are visible throughout the month. Check the popular Astronomy magazines for times and dates.

5. Venus shines brightly in the eastern morning sky all month.

6.  The Qrionid meteor shower peaks on the 21st.

7. The big event for the month occurs on October 14th, when at least a partial annular solar eclipse can be seen across most of the US. Check the astronomy magazines for the annular path and the percentage coverage across the US.


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For more information, contact the China Lake Astronomical Society at 760-446-0454 or 760-384-8666.