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Six-year-old Publisher Blake Smith with his sister Brynnlee, displaying a copy of his newspaper, the B2 News Review. / Laura Austin Photo

B2 News Review: Local IWV News from a 6-year-old

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer–      There’s a new newspaper in town, and if you are fortunate enough to be related to Blake Smith, you may receive a hand-delivered copy.

Six-year-old Publisher Blake told us, “When I saw in the newspaper that the park was flooded, I wanted to make my own newspaper.” His trusty assistant, Dad Sean Smith, found a newspaper template. Blake says, “Dad deleted the words. We redid the pictures and rewrote the words.” Dad adds, “He rolled them up and taped them and then he thought of all the people in his family he wanted to deliver to and we took them to their house. If they weren’t home, he left them in their mailbox.” Blake said that one of the best parts of this venture was taking the papers to Grandma and Papa.

This isn’t Blake’s first foray into the publishing world. He also published a book about going into outer space. Dad is proud of the inventiveness of the back cover, which included little squares with suggested titles for further reading and titles coming in the future.

Blake’s next issue will include “stuff that’s happened over the time that I didn’t put in the first newspaper.” Issue #01 of B2 News Review; Local IWV News from a 6-year-old, included photos of Blake with his three-year-old sister Brynlee in front of the World’s Tallest Lego Duplo Skyscraper (with the footnote the world = their home address). “Blake Smith dreamed up the awesome creation and has many unique features such as the ‘tower down switch,’ mobile base, and diverse color use…This project was a real team effort with contributions from Blake, his younger sister Brynnlee, and even their grandma, who offered direction and moral support through the grueling process.”

Also included is a photo of Blake practicing dribbling his basketball as he prepares for the Ridgecrest City League. We see Brynnlee pictured with her new doll house, and Blake features her in a story called Toddler Falls Asleep While Eating.

Blake is an inventive lad who loves building things. His favorite materials are tape, cardboard, sometimes paper, and string. He tells us, “I built a street sweeper that actually moved.” He built it on a flat furniture dolly. He taped on a chair “for me to sit in and then cardboard, and I took a little mini broom to tape next to it and then a mop for the other side.” It moved by his moving his feet. He hadn’t heard of Fred Flintstone, which leads his mom, Brooke Smith, to note that he has very limited screen time, whether television or computer, “which is probably why he likes building so much.”

Blake is quite proud of his security cameras. This is an intriguing invention for a child. However, one would more accurately call them replicas with a lot of detail. He printed photos of several key views and taped them on cardboard to look like security monitors. They are throughout the house and in the family car. He also created four cardboard security cameras. He pointed to the one in his sister’s room. When asked how his sister felt about having a camera in her room, he replies, “I don’t think she’s noticed it.”

“Another thing I like is walkie-talkies,” says Blake. He and his dad are always testing the range of their walkie-talkies. Recently, Dad took the walkie-talkie on an errand for drive-through food, and they were able to stay connected the entire time.

He asked what he would tell someone wanting to write a newspaper, and he said, “It was fun making it.” The necessary supplies would be “a printer and computer, papers, a phone to take pictures, ink for the printer, and a mouse.” When asked in a whisper to Brynnlee’s ear if she liked having her picture in the paper, she whispered back, “Yes.”

Blake goes to school at Faller Elementary, where his buddies are Connor, Rory, and Levi. His favorite subject is recess, during which he practices shooting baskets.