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Biden’s Anti-Energy policies driving gas prices up

Speaker McCarthy’s Office– With gas prices soaring, millions across the country are struggling once again to fill up their tanks and make ends meet.

In fact, nationally, the average price of a gallon of gas has shot up 30 cents since last month, driving up inflation and forcing more than 1 in 3 Americans to limit how much they can travel. In California, the average price of gas is at $5.09 a gallon.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Jeremy McTaggart, a driver in Wichita, Kansas, summed up many Americans’ worries about rising gas prices during an interview this week with a local news station: “It gets pretty costly… It’s frustrating because anything that cuts into my pocket means less money that I can put away for my retirement, less money I can spend on things I enjoy.”

So what exactly is President Biden doing to help real Americans like Jeremy?

Instead of unleashing our nation’s energy production to lower prices at the pump, the President is doubling down on the same radical, Green New Deal policies that increased gas prices by 60 percent since he took office.

Don’t take our word for it: Just this week, the President boasted during a hard-hitting interview with the Weather Channel that he’s “pushing very hard” to “​stop all drilling on the East Coast, and on the West Coast and on the Gulf.”

Unlike President Biden, House Republicans are working to help Americans like Jeremy.

We know that energy independence is the core of good economics for America. That’s why we passed the Lower Energy Costs Act, which will make energy more affordable by cutting bureaucratic red tape and strengthen our national security by putting American energy first, rather than dirty gas from our competitors such as China and Russia.

But instead of supporting American workers, President Biden chose to bow to foreign dictators and plow ahead with his disastrous war on the resources God has blessed us with right here at home.

Whether he’s imposing new regulations to drastically increase the cost of drilling on public lands, blocking new oil and gas leases, or depleting our nation’s emergency petroleum reserves to their lowest level since the 1980s, President Biden has forced Americans to bear the cost of his radical agenda.

Higher prices. Greater uncertainty. And out-of-touch policies. That’s Bidenomics, folks.