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Bird Banding Workshop Sept.12-16

The Southern Sierra Research Center (located in the Kern River valley adjacent to the Audubon Kern River Preserve) has openings in its upcoming Beginning Bird Banding Workshop. This workshop is for beginners, no previous experience is required.  This is a five-day workshop that runs September 12 – 16. The workshop fee is $1,100.

This workshop is designed for people who do not have bird banding experience and want an introduction to this important avian research technique. We will cover topics such as proper setup and placement of mist nets, extraction of songbirds from mist nets, bird safety, bird handling, banding and data collection, use of the Pyle guide, bird identification in the hand, bird banding ethics, the role of banding in research and monitoring, and a brief introduction to ageing and sexing of birds in the hand. We will spend the mornings mist-netting and banding birds. In the afternoons we will have classroom-style lectures and discussions. In addition to an understanding of the topics listed above and the chance to practice hands-on techniques, participants will be provided with written materials and resources for further study.