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Brent Joseph Fox

 Brent Joseph Fox was born in Ridgecrest, CA on Feb. 26, 1966.  He died in Ridgecrest of Melanoma(Cancer) on September 17, 2022 at the age of 56.  His parents were Diana (Pinney) and Gary Fox.  His Grandparents were Grant and Gertrude Pinney and Larry and Bette Fox.  His Great Grandparents, Joe and Bessie Fox were some of the original pioneers of Ridgecrest.  The Fox family dug the first community well, which eventually became the first city of Ridgecrest water company. 

The first official city swimming pool was named for Brent’s Uncle, John Pinney.


Brent Fox

Brent grew up mostly in Ridgecrest attending Faller, Las Flores, James Monroe, Burroughs and Mesquite schools.  He spent 5th grade in Lacey, WA. and 6th grade in Austin, TX where his father was working at the time. When Brent was in the 7th grade his father left the family and his mother finished raising him.  The divorce caused him great distress and he was a troubled kid after that.  When Brent was 18 his father, Gary Fox, was killed in a motorcycle accident on China Lake Blvd.  That same year his best friend, Jeff Bolton died.  He became even more troubled after that year.  

 In 1987 Brent met and married Jenny Fisher.  They had two beautiful children, Gary and Megan.  They totally had his heart.  The marriage ended in divorce and the children moved to Texas.  Brent then married Juliet Naslund and became the stepfather to her son Forrest Graham.  Brent and Juliet soon were blessed with the birth of their daughter Lillibeth.  She totally had his heart.  At the time of her birth Brent lived in Rancho Mirage, CA and worked at the Hyatt Grand Champions Hotel.  Brent worked first as a security guard.  He worked his way up the ranks and ended up as the Assistant Front Office Manager. From there he transferred to Monetary, CA working at the Hyatt Regency as the Head Manager.  

   Again his life was altered by a divorce.  This destroyed him to the point of giving up his wonderful job.  He returned to Ridgecrest to try to mend his marriage.  When that proved futile he and his daughter Lillibeth started their own life.  He then met Julie Ann Ames and gained two more step children, Jazmine Carter and Zach Ames.  Brent and Julie Ann brought beautiful twin girls into the world, Lexi and Tori Fox.  And those girls stole his heart.  Brent then went to work at the new Marriot Hotel in town.  He and his family needed a home, so Brent’s Aunt Pam Pinney let them move into her mobile home on Downs St.  He lived there until his cancer diagnosis.

After many years on Downs St, Brent again lost his family.  He met Cheyenne Walters.  They brought a daughter, Sophia Fox into the world.  He loved little Sophia and cared for her until she was almost 2 years old.  But meth took over their lives and he lost them both.  

Eventually, Brent realized he had a suspicious mole on his arm.  He couldn’t find a Dermatologist that would take Medi-Cal.  The mole was Melanoma and spread up his arm and throughout his body.  

He was treated at the Cancer Care Center at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital for a few months. During this time he went to live with his Aunt Darlene Schneiter.  Darlene helped care for him for two months.  She was wonderful to Brent until she decided to move to Texas.  Then Brent moved in with his childhood buddy Matt Graham.  He lived with Matt for a month or so.  Then he moved to Eureka, CA to live with his daughter Lilli and received Cancer Care there.  She cared for him for 3 months and got him to all his appointments.  

Then Brent chose to return to Ridgecrest.  His dear friend Lisa Buffum took him to her house to live.  She and his friend Marty West made sure Brent got to all of his appointments. 

Next, Brent was welcomed to stay at the home of his ex-wife Julie Ames and her fiancé Scott Parker. This was so he could be with his twin daughters Lexi and Tori and stepdaughter Jazmine.

Brent chose to go into Hospice.  The doctors couldn’t control his pain.  And the pharmacist would refuse to give him the meds that the pain doctor prescribed!  Brent was in excruciating pain as Melanoma is the most painful of all cancers.  So he chose to give up his chemo and cancer meds and let Hospice treat him until his inevitable death.  Brent still suffered greatly.  No drug on this earth was powerful enough to stop his pain.  His Hospice care lasted just over a month before he took his last painful breath.  Brent died with his mother, his daughters, and his ex-wife Julie near him.  His friend Billy Meeks had just come to see him also.  Billy had been to see Brent almost every day during Hospice.  He prayed for Brent every day.  Brent was surrounded by love.  Friends Theresa Ekstrom Wood and Matt Graham also visited Brent during his Hospice.  Theresa brought Elders from the LDS church to bless and anoint him.  Brent’s Aunt Kathy Segovia also asked Cathy Cline, a Deacon from her church, to bless him and anoint him.   Brent was never left alone during his time in Hospice.  His loving family and friends made sure of that.  His mother slept beside him to make sure he got his meds every two hours. His daughters Tori and Lexi would sit with him when his mother took a break.

Brent is survived by his six children, Gary, Megan, Lilli, Lexi, Tori and Sophia Fox and his stepchildren Jazmine Carter, Forrest Graham and Zach Ames. Brent has 4 grandchildren, Milo, Dorian, Brent and Emma.   He is also survived by his Mother, Diana Pinney Smith and his stepfather Dan Smith.  He has a brother Jeffrey Fox, a half-brother Joseph Fox, and two stepbrothers Shawn and Kevin Smith.  Brent leaves behind a huge family of Aunts, Uncles and cousins, most of whom gather each summer at Carpinteria State Beach.  Brent will be missed next summer.

No services are planned at this time.  Any donations should be made in his name to cure the horrible monster called cancer. 

Brent’s final wish for everyone was … If you have a mole, get it checked right away!