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Brubakers to speak at Audubon program

Kerncrest Audubon Society Brenda Burnett–

Kerncrest Audubon Society Program will be held at the Maturango Museum Thursday, March 16, at 7:00 PM.

Kathleen and Don Brubaker have traveled and birded together since the late 1980s. Birding has been a means to visit other countries and explore the natural world. Not being huge ‘listers,’ Kathleen and Don are more about watching the birds and studying behaviors and interactions with their habitats. Whether going on organized birding tours, or DIY adventures, Kathleen and Don have bounced about the globe birdwatching.

Don is a local native, son of our long-time Kerncrest board member and Ridgecrest science teacher Lloyd Brubaker, and retired manager of  Antioch Dunes, Marin Islands, and San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuges. 

The Brubakers will discuss Suriname, one of the least populated countries on the northeast coast of South America. Most residents of the 750,000 – give or take a dozen – live along the coast, leaving the interior relatively unoccupied. Aside from a few logging and mining roads, the tropical forests remain intact compared to other countries of SoAm. Various habitats and the associated wildlife make Suriname a birdie place to visit and explore a seemingly vacant land. 

The program is free and open to the public.