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California can barely keep the lights on

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Press Office– Delusional, expensive, out-of-touch – those are three words to describe California’s decision to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Time and time again, the electric grid in California has been unreliable, with rolling brownouts disrupting millions of lives and challenging our economy.   

Speaker Kevin McCarthy

So how does Governor Newsom expect Californians to power their cars when the state can barely keep the lights on?

That’s why today, House Republicans passed H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, to block the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from allowing liberal extremists in Sacramento to effectively ban the sale of gas-powered cars.

Instead of driving up costs, House Republicans are ensuring that hardworking families have the ability to choose what works best for their households and budgets. The average electric vehicle still costs $17,000 more than its gas-powered counterparts, with many of the critical minerals necessary to build these cars coming from China.

We can’t afford to leave Americans more reliant on China. Instead of taking away consumer choice, we should double down on affordable, cleaner American energy.

Americans deserve the freedom to make their own economic decisions, including what cars they can buy, and House Republicans know we can do this without driving up costs.