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Cancer Center loses clinical partnership

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital(RRH)–Ridgecrest Regional Hospital learned that our clinical partners at City of Hope are no longer able to their support the RRH Cancer Center. 

“City of Hope is experiencing staffing issues as a result of the pandemic,” states a letter that went out from RRH staff to patients this week. Attempts to establish support from other partners have been unsuccessful, with all providers citing the same staffing issues. 

“Our staff shares in the disappointment and heartbreak we know our patients will feel in losing this partnership and being unable to secure another oncology partner. For the last several years, we worked hard to build up a service that benefited so many individuals and their families in the Indian Wells Valley and beyond,” the letter continues.

However, RRH is following up with patients to help them establish a relationship with a new oncologist, ensure continuity of care, and assist in coordinating the infusions and tests that will still be provided at RRH. 

RRH announced last week that like other healthcare institutions across the state, pandemic-related pressures have threatened the financial sustainability of many services. Although specific changes in operations and services remain unknown at this time, RRH leadership has expressed a commitment to preserving the most critical level of care possible. 

“We thank you for your patience as we continue to explore what services we can still safely provide,” said Jim Suver, RRH CEO.

“We also extend our thanks to our clinical partners for the years they spent serving our community. Professionals across every aspect of healthcare are in crisis right now, making the best decisions they know how to make in order to survive and serve the patients who rely on them. We thank you, our patients — who are also our family, friends, and neighbors — for supporting us through this difficult journey.”