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CDC does away with quarantine

RIDGECREST REGIONAL HOSPITAL (RRH)— The Centers for Disease Control(CDC) announced that, beginning Aug. 11, those exposed to someone infected with coronavirus no longer need to quarantine. 

Dr. Greta Masetti, a CDC epidemiologist and co-author of updated guidance, said that with the development of vaccines, boosters and new treatments, the new strategy will focus on mitigating the risk of serious illness, rather than infection.

“This guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but also helps us move to a point where COVID-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives,” said Masetti.

Brenda Diel, Administrator of Quality for RRH, said that the new guidance does not change hospital policies at this time. “Our guidelines for visits and safety protocols for patients and staff come from the California Department of Public Health, so those remain unchanged.”

She also encouraged residents to continue to take steps to protect themselves and their community. Updated guidance includes the following recommendations:

If you are exposed to COVID, wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day five.

Staying up-to-date on vaccinations is still important. Omicron-targeted vaccines are expected to be available this fall.

Instead of a six-foot standard for social distancing, individuals should self assess and take appropriate precautions for their particular settings.

Routine screenings for people without symptoms is no longer recommended for most settings.

Isolation guidance for people with COVID remains the same: stay home for at least five days and wear a high-quality mask when around others. Isolation may be ended after five days if the individual has been fever-free for 24 hours without medication and symptoms are improving. A mask should still be worn for 10 days. Immune-compromised people or those with a more severe illness should isolate for 10 days. 

If a symptomatic person tests negative on a home test kit, they are advised to test again in 48 hours

For more detailed information, check with Kern County Public Health, CDPH, or CDC websites.