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Celebrate the season with peace, joy and love

The Publishers Pen

Family traditions like Thanksgiving are heartwarming. They may spark childhood memories of family gatherings, of the golden brown roasted turkey served on a platter in the center of the dining room table, and then the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert. Truly, this is a season of thanksgiving, caring, sharing, and giving. God and His spirit of love cannot be overlooked.

There are dominant factors during this season. We celebrate Thanksgiving because the pilgrims set this day apart to show their gratitude and honor to the One who brought them to this land of newfound freedoms.

We have so much to be grateful for. We live in the most wonderful country on the planet. We live in a community that is closely knit, with neighbors caring about neighbors.

We are a patriotic community with a strong sense of mission. We can be grateful for a wonderful, dedicated police force that is committed to keeping us safe. This community is respectful and supportive of our law enforcement, unlike a lot of communities. We have low crime, no gangs, no graffiti. We are often referred to as a wonderful community in which to rear children.

We will benefit spiritually, mentally, and physically during these above-average stressful times by putting things first. During this season, joy, peace, and love should fill our lives. May you enjoy God’s best.

Patricia Farris, Publisher