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If you need a venue, Central Point may be just what you need. Owner Sarah Nystrom stands before the sample collection of hand crafted gnomes that you can make, too. / Laura Austin Photo

Central Point offers everyone a place to gather

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer– There’s a new venue in town, “a place for everyone to come together,” says Sarah Nystrom owner of Central Point – Event Venue and Creative Space. This welcoming space, located at 131 Garnet Avenue in the heart of Ridgecrest, can accommodate all types of gatherings.  “People can rent it for parties, showers. It’s also available for club meetings and office events. It’s a fairly small space; I have seating for 32 but you can get up to 50 people in here mingling,” says Nystrom. “I tried to create a space that was cozy but also pretty neutral so that people can bring their own touches to it.” Folks can bring in their own decorations and ways to personalize the space. “Baby showers have been a very popular choice so far.” 

Next Wednesday, December 21st Central Point is offering a family-friendly crafting event, Gnome Making. This is a drop-in opportunity when you can show up between noon and 4 pm.  She says, “ It’s an open time so people can just drop in and do some crafting. If they’d like to bring the kids to do something as a family, mingle with some other people and leave with something fun and cute that they can either keep or share.”  Pricing is based on the number of gnomes made. These aren’t necessarily just holiday-themed, “They’re good for year-round. Honestly.” Folklore says that gnomes are good luck, but Nystrom says, “I just thought they were adorable.” 

Rental prices vary. “I have a couple of different pricing structures.  I have pricing for parties and showers, that sort of event where it’s going to be a social event that you host. I also have pricing for business and community events. So if you wanted to rent the space, say on a Wednesday night for two hours to have a club meeting, I have that type of pricing as well, which is much less you know because obviously a lot of clubs don’t have tons of funds and it’s not a party event. She also offers pricing for office events. So if people wanted to have a meeting in here, for example, that’s available as well.” As you look around this fresh environment it is easy to visualize many different types of events.

Most of their bookings have come through Google Maps or their Facebook page, just search their name on Facebook and find upcoming classes and a link to their website: which offers drop-down menus to book the space with all prices listed, crafting parties, and crafting events. The home page has a photo of the space.

Nystrom moved to Ridgecrest earlier in 2022, but her husband grew up here. She was born in Virginia, lived in Colorado for 15 years and most recently lived in Utah for three years.  “I have always been a chef,” she says. “That has been my career path up until now. I didn’t feel like there was really good space for me in Ridgecrest regarding my experience in that; this space came available and it seemed like there was a need in the community for a small cute space that people could host events in and also a need in the community for more creative opportunities.”

Ridgecrest has been a good fit. “I’m still obviously meeting many people and I will meet many more. I get the feeling from the people that I am talking to that Ridgecrest is in a changing time right now and that there’s actually a lot happening. I’m seeing a lot of other small businesses popping up and a lot of people talking about that. One thing that I have really noticed here is the small business community is really strong and the entrepreneurial spirit is very strong.” It appears to Nystrom that Ridgecrest has more small businesses than other communities. “That’s been pretty amazing.

“We’re here and we’re looking to have some fun” She invites, “If you want to host a party, an event or you want to have a sale or an art show if you want to put on a small performance, know this space is available. Come gather. Celebrate.” Check them out online or call 760-977-7443.