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Council says get trash pickup and pay more- because we say so

Ridgecrest just went back to the future, for a re-run of the 2008 trash debacle. After talking about it for too long, with no resistance to the State mandate, City Council obediently voted in a law requiring ALL Ridgecrest households to sign up to do business with Waste Management. This means they say you have to pay for trash pickup ( 30% more than before) whether you want it or not.  That is why everyone is getting cards in the mail telling them they need to pay up, even if they have had no service, or that they will be charged 30% more now if they already had service. 

It gets better. Nobody appears to be able to get the extra organics can service now because it is not available. You get to pay for it now, just wait until January- you’ll get it then- promises, promises. So, the City Council obligated YOU to either pay for a service you never wanted or to pay more right now for a service you won’t get for six months.   So how does that work out for the City bureaucracy? They get a sweet deal since they get 10% franchise fees from Waste Management.  They will get over $90,000 more in these fees each year. That includes about $45,000 more during the time that you get no increase in service until January. How’s that for standing up for the City bureaucracy’s best interest.

If you thought the Council was supposed to stand up for your interests, think again. This action is best defined as fascism enacted against the People of Ridgecrest. Where in either the State or US Constitutions can they point that says our government can force us to enact business with private business concerns?  Not possible, laws like that don’t exist. Our Council just bowed to the Socialist green deal agenda of the California Democrats and communist Newsom to force us to do their bidding.

If you kind of don’t like to be dictated to in this unlawful way, there of course is one simple thing you can do. Just don’t comply, period.  Don’t pay for services you didn’t ask for from Waste Management.  Then email the Council members and tell them it is wrong to enrich Waste Management off of our backs ( email address-  ).  Then try to remember who voted to do this to you.  The Council people who voted for this that want to be re-elected are Bruen and Hayman. They deserve to be kicked off the Council. This is unacceptable.

Mike Neel