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Crime is out of control in our nation’s capital

After yet another deadly shooting in our nation’s capital, D.C. Councilmember Trayon White expressed what many in the District and across the country are feeling:

“The crime is out of control and getting worse by the day. We must declare an emergency regarding the crime and violence in our neighborhoods and act urgently. It may be time to call on the National Guard to protect the children and innocent people that are losing their lives to this senselessness.”

His frustration should come as no surprise. Washington, D.C. has seen a murder increase of over 20% this year, with over 158 killings so far.

Just two weekend ago, 11 people were killed in D.C.

While the Democrat Mayor and Democrat-led city government struggle to respond to the increased violence, this Republican Majority has already acted.

House Republicans nullified D.C.’s soft-on-crime approach in the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022.

President Biden only signed it into law after being perceived as weak on crime, abandoning the 173 out-of-touch House Democrats who voted no out to dry.

Among those who voted against a tougher stance to out-of-control D.C. crime were the entire Democrat leadership: Jeffries, Clark, Aguilar–and even Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn.

This Republican majority has also defended our men and women in blue through the POLICE Act, making it a deportable offense to assault a law enforcement officer. House Republicans will always Back the Blue.

This bipartisan measure to protect those in the law enforcement community received 175 Democrat no votes, including the entire Democrat Leadership… yet again.

Just how tone-deaf are House Democrats when it comes to the issue of addressing crime, keeping our communities safe, and supporting law enforcement?

Look no further than H.Con.Res. 40, which would:

Support local law enforcement AND

Condemn calls to defund the police

117 Democrats voted AGAINST this resolution.

Rising crime across the country continues to be a key concern of the American people, particularly here in the nation’s capital. Democrats cannot continue to allow criminals to roam freely.

Crime is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

As a matter of principle, every resident, family, and visitor deserve to feel safe in their capital city.

While Democrat Mayors and Democrats in Congress refuse to acknowledge the crisis, Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans will continue to speak out and take action against rising crime in our communities.