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Dr. April Jones / Laura Austin Photo

Dr April Moore shares Sierra Sand’s vision for the future

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher –  Dr April Moore, superintendent of Sierra Sands Unified School District, was one of the community leaders who spoke at the Annual Outlook Business Conference. Moore brought to the attention of the audience the district’s vision for the future, “growing a community of engaged learners connecting to future opportunities through innovative education.” 

A master plan for the future shows through July 2025, building the new Richmond school, expanding Murray Middle School, and closing Monroe Middle School. The Monroe School will be used for swing space during construction. The opening of Vieweg School is planned for the fall of 2028 and the completion of the Pierce School by the fall of 2029.

Moore noted the priorities of the District are staffing, facilitating the master plan, and a Portrait of a Graduate. With a graduate profile, the District will be able to create a pathway for success in college, career, and life. Provide a framework for developing curriculum programs and professional development. We will measure what matters with positive energy to drive transformation.

The Portrait of a Graduate includes defining the skills, knowledge, and competencies that students will need when they graduate from high school in order to be successful in college and careers.

What skills and competencies do you need to have to be successful in college, career, and life?

Moore also noted that Richmond Elementary School recently received the status of a Purple School. An important goal is to capture kid’s hearts. The current enrollment for Sierra Sands Unified School District is 5,088 students, of which 5.6% are English learners, 47.9% are socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and 9% foster use.

Moore reminded the listeners again of their goal to provide a rigorous academic program that supports opportunities and preparedness for all students to explore and pursue their aspirations. That would include maximizing student engagement and achievement to empower students for their life goals and long-term fulfillment. Growing family and community partnerships that benefit all students is an important board goal, she said. We want to develop value, retain a high-quality, diverse educational team, and build leadership capacity. We want to foster community support in prioritizing facility improvements that promote innovative twenty-first-century instructional practices.

A theme that reoccurred throughout the conference was positive momentum.