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Ellis faces critical issues head-on

Ridgecrest, I rise in enthusiastic support of Chris Ellis for Ridgecrest City Council.  I have known Chris both personally and professionally for 30+ years.  We have worked together in the energy industry and we have served together on local business and community boards.  Chris is a professional of highest integrity and character and I have seen his commitment to our community first hand.  Chris’ portfolio of expertise transcends far beyond matters of business and engineering, he is an expert in Electrical Power Production, distribution and Water resource development and conservation.  Yes, Water resource development and conservation…

As a former US Navy Nuc-Power Veteran, Chris has worked at the Coso Operating Company, our local geothermal powerplant, since 1988.  In 1987 Coso was an early entry into the geothermal power industry and it remains the leader today.  Chris has led this operation since 2002.  

Ridgecrest faces many critical issues, but we also have an overabundance of opportunity.  Chris understands both and he has fresh ideas and energy to address these head on.  For example, at Coso he has built strong lasting relationships up and down the eastern Sierra region and in the west county.  Both will be significant assets for the Council as it deals with our water issues.  He has run a company that must operate on a tight budget so his experience will help us better manage the austerity in our city finances.  Lastly, Chris sees the brightness in Ridgecrest’s future.  Soon China Lake will be the most modern laboratory and test facility in the Department of Defense.  It will be an attractor for top engineers and scientists.  Chris shares my passion and knows first-hand that quality-of-life in Ridgecrest is a critical factor in attracting and retaining these professionals.  He also knows this is a key factor in attracting and retaining top healthcare professionals, educators, new business, and recreational visitors.  Chris realizes that to retain these professionals Ridgecrest must remain a desirable place to live.  We live in a great place, but Chris has demonstrated by his community involvement that he is committed to improving Ridgecrest by building our tax base, creating opportunity for our youth, ensuring our safety, while maintaining our friendly and warm hospitality.  He deals with challenges head-on.  

Please vote for our future and join me in voting for Chris Ellis for Ridgecrest City Council.  

Stuart Witt, Ridgecrest