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Flyfishers program January 3


The featured speaker for January 3 Aguabonita Flyfishers general meeting will be Michael Schweit, Southwest Council Fly Fishers International. The Channel Islands and Catalina waters abound with calico bass, yellowtail, white sea bass and barracuda and are a short boat ride from Oxnard or the South Bay. If you haven’t seen the backing on your fly reel lately, this could be the adventure you have been looking for.

Fly FishersSchweit has been fly fishing these waters for 30 years. His local charters have been a training ground for trout fishermen eager to expand their species portfolio. His program will cover the gear you will need, the clothing, footwear and even a guide to avoiding sea sickness. This program is especially geared to those that have NEVER used a fly rod in the ocean and will answer ALL of your questions.

The Aguabonita Flyfisher program begins at 7:30 PM Tuesday 3 January at the United Methodist Church (639 N Norma). All fly fishers, or just interested in fishing are welcome.

Michael Schweit, Southwest Council Fly Fishers International