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Forest Service is working to reopen boating access to Isabella Lake

The Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Ranger District– The Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Ranger District, is working to increase access to Isabella Lake once this week’s storm passes through the area.

According to District Ranger Al Watson, Forest Service, and concessionaire ExplorUS are working to put boat docks in service as quickly as possible. One boat dock will be available this weekend for visitor use, and several more to follow as flood damage repairs are addressed. “Efforts will be made to keep boat docks clear should large amounts of floating debris make the docks unsafe,” he stated. “District staff have been working to reopen facilities, including launching docks, removing debris from launch ramps, and performing safety inspections.”

Keep a close watch on children even if they are far from the water. Water safety for children is critical because they can quickly enter the water and get in trouble when their attention is diverted for only a moment.

Wear life jackets near or by a waterway.

Never walk, play, or climb on slippery rocks and logs near lakes, rivers, and streams.

Learn more at Water Safety | US Forest Service (

Driftwood Gathering Permits are to be offered.

District staff is busy preparing for a limited free driftwood gathering opportunity around Lake Isabella to be announced later this week.

“We welcome visitors to the beautiful Isabella Lake, but we sincerely ask that you not underestimate the power of moving water and underwater hazards. Always be mindful of your surroundings and exercise sound judgment while enjoying the Lake,” Ranger Watson added.

In recognition of the importance of the recreation areas to the community and visitors, district personnel are working hard to repair flood damage, remove debris, and reopen campsites and trails. However, when there is a concern for public safety, Forest Managers must make difficult decisions and close areas with the highest degree of risk to visitors.

Last week a Forest Order, closing portions of the Sequoia National Forest, was issued after heavy rains from the atmospheric storms caused significant flooding, and resource and access damage.

Forest Orders can be found on the Sequoia National Forest website, and updates on the Forest Facebook page.