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Isabella Lake

Free driftwood from around Isabella Lake

Forest Service Sequoia National Forest & Giant Sequoia National Monument Alicia Embrey Forest P.A.O.– The Kern River Ranger District will offer free driftwood gathering around Isabella Lake beginning on April 1 and ending on May 26, 2023. Driftwood collection is allowed only within 50 feet of the water’s edge around the lake.

Collecting driftwood will be allowed in all Lake day-use areas and campgrounds except for the Isabella Lake Dam and areas managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Day-use fees will be waived for people while in the act of collecting driftwood. Many campgrounds will be open; please respect the privacy of the paid campers and stay out of occupied camp spaces. Use caution when driving near the water’s edge because soils may be saturated and unstable for vehicle traffic.

According to District Ranger Al Watson, this is an opportunity for the local public to gather driftwood for personal use, not resale; and keep the material from re-entering Isabella Lake and becoming a boating hazard. Wood gatherers must follow all land use restrictions.

For more information, call the Kern River Ranger District Station at (760) 376-3781