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Friends of the Ridgecrest Branch Library need your help

Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce–

The Friends need a booking facility. Other than cash donations, selling donated books is the only significant source of revenue for the Friends of the Ridgecrest Branch Library. We use nearly all of our revenue to provide approximately $25,000 of greatly needed-support to our local library annually.

Children who visit the Ridgecrest Branch Library free programs are assisted in creative activities.
/ Laura Austin File Photo

We provide almost all of the supplies to ensure that patrons can attend the variety of programs offered every month at no cost to them. There is a program almost every day during the year, with multiple programs per day offered in the summer. During the Summer Reading Challenge, we provide funds for multiple performances. We also provide furniture and funds for additional library materials beyond what is provided by the Kern County Library materials budget.

In order to continue this support, we need a facility in which to store, sort, and sell donated books. The 2019 earthquakes forced us to move out of our previous book facility, first into donated sea containers, then into our current facility, which was only to be temporary until we found another space. The owner has been very accommodating by allowing us to continue to use the facility well beyond our intended departure date. To date, we have had no luck finding a facility large enough to continue operations. Because of this uncertainty, we have halted accepting donations of books and have been reducing the size of our inventory via multiple public and wholesale sales. Without an alternate facility, we may be forced to take thousands of perfectly good books to the landfill.

We need a facility with the following attributes: minimum size of 2000 sq. ft., on the ground floor, with no or minimal steps.

Be located in or near Ridgecrest.

Be secure and easily accessible by vehicles, our volunteers, and the public.

Have cooling and possibly heating (we would pay for heating and cooling)

Have either electric lights or adequate daylighting (we would pay for electricity)

Have a solid floor capable of supporting several hundred boxes of books

Have at least one functional bathroom

Allow access for a minimum of 1 year and a minimum of 3-month notice to vacate

Have zero or very minimal rent

Possibilities include:

One of the many vacant commercial buildings or stores

An unused shop or barn at a private residence

An unneeded or under-utilized space belonging to: A local business or out-of-town landlord

The City

The County

Another Non-profit organization

Donating the use of a facility to the Friends may offer a significant tax benefit to the owner. Offers or leads can be sent via email to: