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Rod Stiefvater Mojave Pistachios / Laura Austin Photo

GA presents itself as an advocate for fairness, actions don’t align

What is so unique about the IWVGSA?

Mojave Pistachios Rod Stiefvater–  The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires groundwater sustainability agencies to develop and implement groundwater sustainability plans to avoid undesirable results and mitigate overdrafts within groundwater basins. Throughout California over 260 such agencies have developed plans to responsibly manage local basins. But the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority, which governs our massive groundwater basin resource, has diverged from accepted management practices adopted by other regions of the state by:

  Approving its plan without input from local water users and playing favorites by allocating water to IVWGA board members.

    Pre-determining industrial and agricultural users were inferior and would be excluded from any entitlement to the basin’s sustainable yield.

    Immediately banning family-owned farms from accessing any of the basin’s native yield rather than phasing in changes over the next two decades, as the law anticipates.

Imposing a draconian water allocation system even though the Indian Wells Valley basin has more water in storage than Lake Mead, has a responsible populace that conserves water, and is not experiencing “undesirable results” like subsidence.

Adopting an unprecedented $2,130 per acre-foot Replenishment Fee designed to bankrupt industry and farmers that will fund the importation of water via the construction of a new 50-mile pipeline through desert habitat that won’t benefit those forced to fund it.

    Suing landowners who can’t afford to pay millions in fees annually in order to shut off their wells.

We must ask ourselves why the Indian Wells Valley has a rogue Groundwater Authority that is acting out of step with the rest of California – and how many hundreds of millions of dollars the residents of the Indian Wells Valley will be on the hook for.