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Workers replacing a damaged pipeline along 178 East into Ridgecrest last February. / Laura Austin File Photo

Grove secures $3M for IWVWD pipeline repair

Senator Shannon Grove (Republican-Bakersfield) 

   In a July 10 news release, Senator Shannon Grove stated, “I am excited to announce that I have successfully secured $3,000,000 in the state budget to address critical water pipe supply issues in the Indian Wells Valley Water District. One of the main water transmission lines is so severely damaged, likely by the 2019 earthquake, that it has been shut down since last year. The community and the military base have been cut off from good-producing wells and desperately need funding to start repairs on the 18,000-foot main line. Addressing this major water infrastructure repair will benefit not only the Ridgecrest community until other water basins are developed but also our military families and soldiers who rely on this water line.”

In a letter to Senator Grove, Indian Wells Valley Water District President Mallory Boyd thanked Grove on behalf of the district in a letter dated July 5. In the letter, Boyd thanked Grove for her help in securing the appropriation, noting that the District faces significant challenges, including “chronic lowering groundwater supplies, the need for enhanced water treatment and supply,” and costs associated with the Ridgecrest earthquakes.

Boyd also stated that Grove’s help is essential to the mission of the IWVWD to provide high-quality, affordable water to the citizens within the District.

“We, the Board and staff of IWVWD and its’ thousands of customers, owe you a debt of gratitude,” Boyd wrote to Grove.