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Grove’s trafficking bill clears

Senator Shannon Grove’s Office (R-Bakersfield) –

Senator Shannon Grove’s office released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill 14 from the Assembly Appropriations Committee with minor amendments.

Senator Shannon Grove

“I want to thank the Assembly Appropriations Committee members who stood today in defense of the victims of child sex trafficking and voted to let SB 14 out of committee. The amendment affirms what is already in statute to ensure victims of human trafficking are protected. This bill has strong bipartisan support, with 64 coauthors from both parties and both houses. Protecting victims of child sex trafficking should not be a partisan issue. Today is a victory for every survivor. I am confident most members of the Assembly want to vote for this bill, and thanks to today’s vote, they will have a chance. However, the fight to make the human trafficking of a child a serious felony is not yet finished, and I urge every Californian to stay engaged until the bill is signed into law.”

 Senate Bill 14 will next be heard by the full Assembly sometime before the legislature adjourns for the year on September 14.